WFI launching a unique product line for you to grow with!


At WFI we are driven by developing our products to make your work easier, more efficient and more ergonomic. Simply because you as an individual and you as a company should be able to work smarter.

With this in mind, we, together with the product developer and designer Charlie Styrbjörn, have developed and refined one of our most important product segments- our motorized workstations MW250, MW375 and MW500, which we are now launching under a common product family.

We have gone through every single detail to create a unique whole. The work benches have been given a uniform design language where all three benches harmonize with each other in expression and design. The work benches in the series can therefore easily be combined with each other and our other products for, for example, extension. This means that your workplace solution can grow over time without sacrificing the overall impression. Everything to enable you to create more efficient flows, pack more packages and handle more goods. Simply working smarter.





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