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In our world, deliveries equals problem solved and promises kept. Because we know that we are handling something much more delicate and valuable than the commodities we trade or carry. It’s why we take on all of the complexity of global logistics and supply; the countless variables that might stand in the way of a good delivery.

We recognize that for everything that moves on premises and into production, there are multiple things that move out of production and ultimately off premises. Whether that is raw materials, semi-processed or fully processed goods, waste materials or excess inventories. In most cases, these don’t have the same destination, therefore the process is far from simple or linear.

Our deep knowledge and experience in global logistics and waste management enables us to act as a full service partner, managing all incoming and outgoing goods – the complete supply cycle – for companies at every link in the supply chain. Regardless of how involved or complex.

The Bertling group was founded more than 150 years ago and has grown into a global company with more than 54 offices in 30 countries spread across 5 global regions. Today, Bertling employs over 700 people in its organization, providing expertise in ship broking, freight forwarding, naval architecture and waste management. In Sweden we are specialized in containerized cargo and project cargo together with our trading of waste material.

Whether you take full or partial advantage of our offering we are always committed to handle today’s important deliveries.Come talk to us in booth I:13 about how you can create a more complete and sustainable supply cycle.

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