Cecilia Heléne Losvik
Cecilia Heléne Losvik


Om oss

EAB is a global industry leader in providing warehouse storage solutions, doors and steel buildings. Although we have a global presence, we remain a down-to-earth family company with our headquarters, production facility and product development department located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

EAB’s storage equipment are manufactured in our own factory , which means that we can offer fast and punctual delivery. After many years in the industry, EAB has built up a high level of knowledge and experience within warehouses and logistics, which we will gladly share with you from the start of the layout phase for your new warehouse. Our wide range of products makes it easy to adapt and optimise the warehouse to suit your specific requirements.

Radioshuttle® is the fully automated pallet management system and may just be EAB’s most appreciated solution. Radioshuttle®, which currently lifts 116,000 pallets around the world, is revolutionary within the fields of warehousing and logistics, which allows for greater efficiency and better usage of the warehouse area than ever before.



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