Advisory Board

With great connection to the industry

Our Advisory Board is based on strong representatives from the industry. We gather our Advisory Board a couple of times a year to make sure that we are on the right track to always be relevant for the logistics industry. We are extremely proud of our representatives, get to know every each of them below.

Matthias Kettelhoit

Nrep Logicenters

Today Matthias work as Head of Logicenters with a focuses on commercial development and strategies, as well as identifying new growth opportunities . Prior to joining Logicneters , he spent 8 years as CEO for Aditro Logistics and before that Matthias spent over 20 years with Schenker, BTL and Bilspedition.

Ylva Rymer-Rythén


Group manager for the Logistics consultants at Sweco Industry with over 20 years of experience in the Logistics industry.

Tobias Sjölin


Tobias has since 2004 worked with ecommerce systems with special focus on logistics and financials. Since 2010 he is working at Boozt where he has been involved in building up all the infrastructure within systems and automation which has made Boozt to the powerhouse within fashion ecommerce it is today.

Hilda Hultén

Dagens Logistik

Hilda owns, operates and creates the newspaper Dagens Logistik with the site together with her colleague Klara Eriksson. Dagens Logistik is Sweden’s new newspaper for the logistics industry and Hilda describes herself as one of the sharpest and most geeky logistics journalists in Sweden.

Robin Hansson


Robin Hanson is a Technology Doctor at the Department of Supply and Operations Management at Chalmers University of Technology.

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