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Every day, logistics are becoming increasingly automated and complex. Therefore, the newly launched meeting place Logistics & Automation has been designed to better match the latest innovations and future challenges within logistics.

At Logistics & Automation, the latest technology in intralogical and efficient logistics solutions is shown. Here you can take market shares, meet new customers and strengthen ties to your existing contacts. Make a safe investment for your future business and show the market that you are an important player to be reckoned with in the rapid development.


From AI and technology development to end-of-line solutions for trade and 4PL
Automation of work processes and technology development in logistics creates clear value creation for all actors in the logistics industry. Automation provides easy accessibility and is an increased resource to promote the growth of logistics operators. At Logistics & Automation 2023, automation is an obvious part.


New business models and streamlining of transport

In  an ever-expanding logistics market, the need for efficient business models and streamlined operations has become essential. The reason for this act is to stay competitive in the face of rivals, while also meeting the heightened expectations of society regarding the logistics industry.

With this in mind, Logistics & Automation 2023 places its emphasis on fostering innovation.

Strategies, design, and circularity. New laws & standards
Social responsibility is today a mandatory point for all players in the logistics industry. Actors who integrate sustainability into their culture have both advantages over competitors and the increased demand from society. Sustainability is therefore an important part of Logistics & Automation 2023!


Exhibition Guide

Logistics &; Automation is the newly launched meeting place designed to better match the logistics industry’s rapid development. An arena with new formats that can grow overtime and stand strong as the obvious place for all of Sweden’s logisticians to turn to to meet, be educated and do business. In 2023, Logistics &; Automation is the most modern logistics fair that gathers over 70 suppliers with everything from hot newcomers to heavy key suppliers.

In parallel with Empack

Logistics & Automation is arranged in parallel with the packaging fair Empack.

Tech club

IoT, blockchain, AI, VR/AR and smart warehousing

Warehousing & Logistic Real Estate

Solution and design for the future of warehousing

3pl plaza & Transport

Solutions for Outsourcing logistics


Within logistics and packaging

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