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Discover the future of logistics

The future of logistics

For each passing day, logistics are becoming more automated, complex and mutable. Therefore it has become more important than ever to keep up dated with the latest trends, innovations and new launches. The concept is simple – during two effective days, we gather heavy key suppliers and impressive start-ups to discuses important challenges and opportunists. Meet, listen, experience and learn at one single occasion by the entire logistics industry.

Booked Speakers

Rickard Lyko

CEO and founder of LYKO

Christer Olsson

Popular inspiration lecturer and Speaker of the Year 2019.

Thord Nossborn

Behavioral scientist and CEO. Lectures on how we understand and optimize our brain's capacity

New launches in the program



What is about to enter the market? In our Launchpad, you will meet new companies with new technology and exciting solutions for the logistics of the future.



Do you want to stay up to date on the latest news? At our Tech & Innovation Theater, product news, new launches and innovations are presented.



A Conference about the future that focuses 100% on challenges and goals to achieve a greener future.


From AI and technology development to end-of-line solutions for trade and 4PL
Automation of work processes and technology development in logistics creates clear value creation for all actors in the logistics industry. Automation provides easy accessibility and is an increased resource to promote the growth of logistics operators. At Logistics & Automation 2023, automation is an obvious part.

New business models, streamlining transport
In a rapidly growing national and international market, streamlining and updated business models are necessary. This is to maintain its competitiveness against competitors, at the same time to meet society’s increased demands on the logistics industry.
Logistics & Automation 2023 therefore focuses on innovations.

Strategies, design and circularity. New laws & standards
Social responsibility is today a mandatory point for all players in the logistics industry. Actors who integrate sustainability into their culture have both advantages over competitors and the increased demand from society. Sustainability is therefore an important part of Logistics & Automation 2023!


Product news, innovations and new services that move the industry forward. One of the focus areas for 2023 is Innovation. Therefore, as a visitor, you will be greeted by our exhibition Innovation Gallery already in the upper entrance. Here, all exhibiting suppliers have the opportunity to expose their most innovative services and products – and you as a visitor can easily get an overview of the 2023 news and innovations.


An important part of keeping up with the development is to stay updated on the latest from the industry – that’s why we’ve created a place that makes it easy for you. During two effective days, we gather the latest packaging news, give you the opportunity to meet leading suppliers and fill you with lots of new and useful inspiration.


Listen to numerous of seminars within the latest research, business hero´s and important influensers. Our entire seminar program is free of charge for our visitors, something we are very proud of.


We know that the right contacts are a true recipe for success. That’s why we put an extra effort into creating inspiring networking sites and mingle areas. For this year we also launch a brand new matchmaking service – stay tuned!


Learning and developing can be the the best thing there is, or at least highly necessary. That is why we hand pick our seminars and workshops, we wan´t to guarantee new insight for you that develop you in your role and everyday life.

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