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The story of Logistics & Automation

Logistics & Automation is our new meeting place designed to match the future of the logistics industry. Discover 2023’s most modern logistics fair, gathering suppliers with everything from impressive start-ups to well-known suppliers. Learn from the entire industry and listen to our seminar program with sharp researchers and important influencers.

With years of experience

Logistics & Automation comes from the popular forerunner Logistics & Distribution with over 8 years of experience. Each day, the logistics become more and more automated, complex and fast-changing. Therefore, the re-launched meeting place Logistics & Automation developed to better match the logistics industry. Our success concepts such as free entrance for visitors, open stages and business in focus is still important aspects.

Beyond boarders

Logistics & Automation is organized in nine different cities around Europe. Thanks to the international touch, we can both ensure that we are on the right track and take important influences from the European market.

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