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Graphic Packaging International, headquartered in Atlanta, USA, offers consumer packaging that makes a difference!

It could be our paper cup that you drink your morning coffee out of, our multi-pack of beer that you take home or our tray that you heat your ready-made dish in. We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cardboard-based and flexible packaging for a variety of products for food companies, beverage, food service, healthcare, cosmetics and other consumer products.

We are close to you in Sweden and have a total of more than 130 factories around the world that delivers innovative, sustainable packaging that contributes to our customers’ products being visible in the store. With a product portfolio based on renewable, recyclable and recycled materials, our 24000 employees are dedicated to supporting our customers in their environmental work and at the same time we want to protect the environment on the whole.

Graphic Packaging International’s history goes back more than 100 years, and through acquisitions over the years we have built up a broad competence and drive to constantly further develop the company and our products. Even though there have been some name changes over the years, our innovativeness, quality and good service remain.


Fiber-based snap closing lid

Fiber-based consumer packaging giant Graphic Packaging International has partnered with leading healthy eating outlet Picadeli to develop a new range of plastic-free paperboard lids for its paper-based salad bowls.

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