En tejp som bidrar till hållbarhet: tesa® 60412 – Återvunnen PET-packtejp
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Contributing to sustainability: tesa® 60412 – Recycled PET packaging tape

Taking on more responsibility for the world around us is becoming increasingly important – for us as a company, for our employees, and for our business partners and customers.



These products can also help companies to achieve their own sustainability goals. The new tesa® 60412 – Recycled PET packaging tape is an example for this. It has a waterborne acrylic adhesive system, and 70 percent of the polyethylene (PET) that makes up the backing comes from Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR). Used PET products, such as bottles, are recycled and become a new raw material for our tape, thus reducing the consumption of virgin plastic. tesa® 60412 – Recycled PET packaging tape also supports the circular economy. It can be disposed of together with the cardboard in the respective paper recycling bin without jeopardizing the paper recycling process and is certified according to INGEDE method 12 (100/100).


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