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Among the best design agencies in the world, Motherland was chosen to participate in the project – Make A Mark. The mission was to develop a concept for a wine or spirit brand which combine sustainability, luxury and innovation. There were no cost limits, no tight deadlines and no customer requirements, it was all up to our boldest imagination!

Kansas is a clean slate brand, inspired by the movie ”The Wizard of Oz”. When a tornado sweeps little Dorothy and her dog from their farm to the magic land of Oz and the film changes from black & white to color, she says ”Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”. Every time a game plan now radically changes in culture, business or politics, it is referred to that we’re no longer in Kansas.

We wanted to take the sustainability concept as far as possible, yet creating a luxurious packaging. The bottle shape we designed with tactile lines, moulded typography – Vinum animi speculum, ”Wine is the mirror of the soul” – and the high punt was perfected by the professionals at Estal. The glass is a Flint Wild glass, obtained from 100% recycled PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) glass. The glass is designed to look organic and authentic, similar to hand-made glass and can vary in color.

The capsule is made from recycled material. The shape we developed is based on Labrentas Giphy Wine stopper, but this is a first using Mixcyclings as the base material which is a biocomposite. Mixcyclings gives new life to organic scraps and fibers. It is further on mixed with a polymer base that can be virgin, recycled or bio-based.

The labels are made of Cotton Extra White, a bright white, uncoated matt wood-free wet strength printing paper made from 100% cotton. Made with a unique velvet finish appearance for high cotton tactility. The design elements are printed in black with embossing and hot-foil.


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