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Har vi råd att inte automatisera materialhanteringen?

The first half of the presentation consists of a quick flyover of how megatrends and external factors affect logistics and material handling, as well as what this means for the need and demand for automation solutions. The second half makes an attempt to compare costs and risks when implementing automation projects with costs and risks

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Blir världen mer protektionistisk?

Tariffs and other trade barriers contribute to reducing trade between countries, which is negative for economic development in the long term. What challenges are there in the future and how can security interests affect development.

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Revolutionerande logistik hos Boozt: Automatisering och smarta system för maximal effektivitet

Tobias Sjölin from Boozt talks about the world’s largest AutoStore facility with 1.2 million bins. However, the secret behind Boozt’s efficiency is not automation, but how you work to streamline your processes and how your proprietary systems provide the opportunity to do the impossible. This is a small insight into how Boozt controls its volumes

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E-commerce Packaging Wrapped: Big Data, Stars, and More

There is a need to better understand the role of e-commerce packaging in the seamless consumer journey. In the latest study, research team from Lund University utilizes text mining techniques to analyze over 100 million orders from Amazon retail platform with their respective product reviews and star ratings to identify packaging touchpoints and reveal their

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Integration mellan system och människor

Robin Hansson presents the application of automation increasing in material handling processes such as internal transports. However, many questions still remain about how automation should best be applied in these processes. A high degree of automation is not an end in itself, but the technology should be used with an understanding of how it can

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Randstad – Joacim Bratt

Logistics centers are becoming increasingly automated, demands on price and efficiency are increasing, and we see that AI and robots are gaining a greater place. At the same time, the need for competent staff in the logistics industry is great and some titles are very difficult to recruit. Listen to Joacim Bratt, Industry Manager from

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